Team Member Title
Rob Fulp Chief Executive Officer & Board Member
Monte McNew President & Board Member
Kirk Bossert Chief Financial Officer & Board Member
Amy Kiefer Chief Operating Officer & Executive Vice President
Becky Scorse Chief Lending Officer & Senior Vice President
Whitney Morrow Senior Vice President - Treasury Management
Heather Ramsey Senior Vice President - Private Banking
DeAnn Floyd Chief Credit Officer & Senior Vice President
Nick Spinelli CRA & BSA Officer, Senior Vice President
J Derek Peacock Controller & Vice President
Eric Gerke Senior Vice President - Commercial Loans
Marc Mayer Senior Vice President - Commercial Loans
Adam O'Sullivan Senior Vice President - Commercial Loans
Brandon West Senior Vice President - Commercial Loans
Joe Driscoll Vice President - Commercial Loans
Wendy Dunlap Vice President - Commercial Loans
Lisa Schuder Assistant Vice President - Consumer Loans
Ammy Annin Commercial Loan Assistant
Beth Butler Commercial Loan Assistant
Alesandra Haynes Commercial Loan Assistant
Rachelle Marlin Commercial Loan Assistant
Beverly Williams Commercial Loan Assistant
Tyler Stalker Senior Vice President - Residential Lending Manager
Steve Mayfield Vice President - Mortgage Loan Originator
Davis Neal Vice President - Mortgage Loan Originator
JJ Zind Vice President - Mortgage Loan Originator
Sandy Sneed Vice President - Residential Mortgage Underwriter
Matt Graham Assistant Vice President - Mortgage Loan Originator
Kathy Nichols Mortgage Loan Specialist
Alysha Turner Mortgage Loan Specialist
Diana Britain Assistant Vice President - Loan Administration
Karen Boswell Loan Administration Specialist
Kirsten Benson Loan Administration Specialist
Eric Schmidt Assistant Vice President - Credit Dept. Manager
Christy McCue Associate Relationship Manager II
Brett Stufflebam Associate Relationship Manager I
Ashley Larson Credit Analyst
Staci Ogle Vice President - Operations & Secretary to the Board
Stephanie Callahan Vice President - Operations
James Reed Vice President - Treasury Management
Shelley Igert Operations Officer
Rachel West Banking Center Manager
Holly Sorensen Private Banking & Treasury Specialist
Kathy Swindle Operations Specialist
Jayme VanMeter Operations Specialist
Sharmaine Weldon Operations Specialist
Laquita Mustain Operations
Cindy Miller Operations
Christy Maupin Personal Banker
Sarah Smith Personal Banker
Andrew Vaughn Personal Banker
Brenda Webster Customer Care Representative
Jordan Rude Staff Accountant