Supporting Our Community

SFC Bank feels a strong responsibility to support non-profit organizations which enhance the quality of life in the Springfield area.

Due to the demand for funds being well in excess of our giving capacity, the decision regarding contributions will be made by our President & CEO in consultation with the bank’s directors, management, and employees, as appropriate.

Our contributions will be limited to those organizations located in our community who have as their mission statement and focus their servicing in our area. To assist in determining the organizations which will be considered for support, following is a list of categories from which requests will be reviewed:

  • Local Area Youth
  • Cultured Activities
  • Education
  • Human Services
  • Health
  • Community Development
  • Environment

All requests for funds must be supported by a formal written request which includes a history of the organization, its leadership, and purpose of the funds. Additional information in support of the request may also be required. Requests should be forwarded to Whitney Morrow at 2006 S. Glenstone, Springfield MO 65804 or send email to It is the responsibility of our President & CEO to respond to the request within 20 days by personal letter approving, denying, or requesting additional information.

Request given preferential considerations are organizations which:

  • Improves the quality of life for our community.
  • Are organizations in which our employees are active.
  • Are tax exempt, IRS section 501(c) 3.
  • Create positive exposure for Springfield First Community Bank.

The amount donated shall be in the aggregate amount as approved annually as a part of our budgeting process which is approved by the bank’s management.

Requests for multi-year pledges will be accepted and reviewed by bank management.

SFC Bank will not provide funding for the following types of requests:

  • Organizations without a non-profit status
  • Political organizations, candidates, or campaigns
  • Lobbying groups
  • Where the donation is for the purpose of an individual, i.e. educational, sports, travel, etc.

The Chairman has the authority to make exceptions to this policy.

January 2018